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OH CRAMP! | Young women seeking natural remedies

HOW CAN CBD HELP YOUNG WOMEN? Where do we start? The most common issues young women experience are down to a hormone imbalance. These conditions can be acne, greasy skin, period cramps, mood swings, excessive spots and more. CBD has certainly proved itself in alleviating many of the symptoms of PMT and other issues related with the teenage years and beyond. Acne Last year we reported on how Laura had spent most of her young years battling with acne. You can watch the short film we made about her search... Read More


CANNABIS AND QUEENS | Women in history used cannabis for all sorts, even vaginal pessaries

FOLLOWING INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY WE CONTINUE TO CELEBRATE WOMEN THIS MONTH, RIGHT UP TO MOTHER’S DAY ON THE 31ST This week we look at notable women in history and how they used cannabis for women’s health Queen Victoria’s private doctor, Sir Russell Reynolds, would have been deemed a progressive GP these days, prescribing cannabis as a method of relieving medical conditions and ailments. But before cannabis was made illegal in 1928, it was commonly used for its medicinal properties. Victoria was reported to have suffered terribly from menstrual cramps for... Read More