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NEWS (HOT) FLASH | CBD and the menpause gives one tribe member a startling surprise

I know I know, it’s pretty much mine and Michelle’s answer to everything…”I’ve got a hurty finger” Take CBD. “I’m stressing out about Brexit”. Take CBD. “I think the apocolypse is nigh”. Take CBD. When it comes to the menopause, our customes will mirror this answer.  One of our tribe was seeking a natural remedy to assist the the sysmptoms of the menopause, specifically for relief from the night sweats and hot flashes. Based on our own experience and that of other customers, we advised the 8%. She popped in... Read More


NEW YEAR, NEW START | Can CBD help with those ‘new you’ goals?

“This is it. This time I’m going to stick at it. Those new trainers will definitely help me persevere in my attaining that out of reach goal I’ve set for myself. Self disappointment here we come…” It’s that time when many of us decide to set ourselves a challenge and choose a new year resolution which apparently, accordingly Forbes, only 8% of us actually achieve! Fair enough, working your way to running a marathon if you’ve only ever jogged to the loo is no mean feat. We do seem to... Read More


CBD WINTER WARMERS | Get your glow on this winter with our CBD juice recipes

These are designed to help boost your immune system, aid detoxification, boost energy levels and give you a winter glow! Make sure you use Water soluable CBD when adding to juices and smoothies to ensure you get the full CBD dose into your system. Our 4% and 6% are water soluble BEETROOT, APPLE & GINGER 2x diced beetroots (get the cooked vacuum packed) 3x  carrots 1x apple 2x sticks of celery Several pumps of the  Water soluable CBD ORANGE, TUMERIC & GINGER 2x oranges 4x carrots 1x inch cube of fresh tumeric or... Read More


MAKE YOUR OWN SUPER CBD SMOOTHIES | We explain why you can’t use traditional CBD oil in drink

There are many ways to take your CBD oil, sublingually (under your tongue), topically, vaping, capsules…and another option is to add it to your juice or smoothie to give it an extra health boost. It’s really important to mention straight away that ingesting traditional CBD oil is not the way to go. This is why CBD oil is administered sublingually, so the enzymes in your mouth can break through the carrying oil and the mucous membrane can then absorb the CBD compounds. The longer you hold it the more you absorb. ... Read More


IRRITATING ISSUES | Matt shares his story

THE TONIC SKIN CARE – TRIALLED BY GQ MAGAZINE Read the article here “This is the longest I have been clear of Psoriasis in at least a decade” Our friend and customer Matt has suffered from Psoriasis most of his adult life. He has tried everything over the years in an attempt to control his symptoms.   Matt decided at the beginning of the year to make a radical change to lifestyle and gave up alcohol, dairy and foods stuff containing gluten. He’s got some tips here. “So my diet has... Read More


‘THIS WAY UP’ | Making friends and sharing stories

‘THIS WAY UP’ CHARITY EVENT FOR MS HOSTED BY THE TONIC EVENT DATE: SATURDAY 13TH OCTOBER 2018 VENUE: THE BIRCHCLIFFE CENTRE, HEBDEN BRIDGE On Saturday 13th The Tonic ‘This Way Up’ event brought together a more-than-expected crowd to witness 2 very inspirational people tell their story of how they are living with multiple sclerosis. Andy McKenna, Scottish mountain bike guide, has suffered with MS for 10 years and last year made an award-winning documentary called This Way Up. Andy and his wife Aneela run GoWhere Scotland and both travelled down to... Read More


LAURA’S STORY | Our customers share their CBD experience

Laura’s story watch the film Laura was so brave to talk to us about her condition and agreeing to be filmed. She wanted to inspire those in a similar situation that it is nothing to be ashamed of and that there can be a solution. “If I looked in the mirror I just wanted to take my skin off” The past year for Laura has been the worse. She changed her diet, stopped drinking alcohol, avoided certain aggravative skin products…even tried applying toothpaste and TCP! But Laura resigned herself to... Read More


LOU’S STORY | Our customers share their CBD experience

Lou’s story watch the film When Lou came to us she was desperately trying to find a solution to a problem she had lived with since she was 4 years old. She would dread talking to people, paranoid they were looking at her skin. Summer was always dreaded as it meant her legs and arms in dresses and short-sleeved tops. “I would rather have been uncomfortable all summer in my jeans and tops” Lou decided to try The Tonic 8%, starting with a daily dose sublingually – this means holding... Read More


FANCY A DISCOUNT on your first order?

Welcome to the tribe…we’d like to give you 10% discount off your first order. If you’re reading this it is quite likely you are already on the CBD trail, blazing your way through the gargantuan amount of information on the internet. It certainly is the topic of the moment. And it certainly is rather baffling at times. CBD…so what’s it all about? Mighty fine question that we hope to present in an easily digestible manner. You can read more about it on our website, click here. Over half a million people in... Read More