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LOU’S STORY | Our customers share their CBD experience

Lou’s story watch the film When Lou came to us she was desperately trying to find a solution to a problem she had lived with since she was 4 years old. She would dread talking to people, paranoid they were looking at her skin. Summer was always dreaded as it meant her legs and arms in dresses and short-sleeved tops. “I would rather have been uncomfortable all summer in my jeans and tops” Lou decided to try The Tonic 8%, starting with a daily dose sublingually – this means holding... Read More


FANCY A DISCOUNT on your first order?

Welcome to the tribe…we’d like to give you 10% discount off your first order. If you’re reading this it is quite likely you are already on the CBD trail, blazing your way through the gargantuan amount of information on the internet. It certainly is the topic of the moment. And it certainly is rather baffling at times. CBD…so what’s it all about? Mighty fine question that we hope to present in an easily digestible manner. You can read more about it on our website, click here. Over half a million people in... Read More