LOOK WHO WE MET! | Here’s what happened when we took the Tonic to the London Bike Show

SO WHY ARE HAVE YOU BROUGHT CBD HERE? Something we were asked a lot while we were at the London Bike Show. It was not just an opportunity to stalk some of my biking heroes, but as any CBD converts will  concur, it’s properties extend the more commonly perceived benefits and assist in many biking/excercise-related issues and remedies. Above is Matt Pritchard, skater, former Dirty Sanchez frontman and now endurance athlete and vegan, was keen to try our 25%. He’s on a much healthier trip than he was a decade or... Read More


NEW YEAR, NEW START | Can CBD help with those ‘new you’ goals?

“This is it. This time I’m going to stick at it. Those new trainers will definitely help me persevere in my attaining that out of reach goal I’ve set for myself. Self disappointment here we come…” It’s that time when many of us decide to set ourselves a challenge and choose a new year resolution which apparently, accordingly Forbes, only 8% of us actually achieve! Fair enough, working your way to running a marathon if you’ve only ever jogged to the loo is no mean feat. We do seem to... Read More