You’d be forgiven for thinking we’ve got it all worked out by now, in terms of how the human body works. After all, medicine has progressed exponentially over the years, as has technology. But in reality, there is still so much to learn and our understanding of how the body works is changing all the time. One perfect example of this is the discovery of the endocannabinoid system (ECS) – the complex network spanning almost every aspect of the body, even down to the mitochondrial walls, with which phytocannabinoids (and... Read More

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A LOOK AT HOW CBD CAN ENHANCE MENS HEALTH Cannabis does not discriminate. The CBD industry is turning out to be a surprisingly female dominated landscape (both in terms of consumers and behind the scenes), but don’t let that fool you into thinking this isn’t something for men! Not only are the vast majority of the therapeutic affects unisex, but there are a number of benefits worth noting as being particularly helpful for guys. CBD & Testosterone  Studies into the effects of CBD, THC and cannabis as a whole have... Read More

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LET’S LOOK AT WHY WE DRINK AND HOW WE CAN MAKE ABSTINENCE EASIER Raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support here Whether you’re committing to a month of alcohol abstinence or you’d like to reduce your lockdown-induced drinking habit, it’s worth a read of this blog where we offer tips from a hypnotherapist and look at why we turn to drink and how CBD can help. Despite the fact that a mix cannabis and alcohol might normally set you up for a pretty terrible time (I think most people have... Read More

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Eczema and CBD

From the 13th – 19th September, we’ll be turning our focus to National Eczema Week to learn more about this problematic skin condition, which can affect all ages, at any time. What’s the deal with Eczema? Your skin is the largest organ in your body. It provides immunity and much-needed protection from environmental factors such as UV rays, microbes, those aforementioned chemicals, temperature change and more, and when the protective, waterproof barrier fails, as with eczema, the side effects go far beyond the surface. How the skin reads the environmental... Read More

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If you’ve ever had one, you will certainly know the difference between a migraine and a headache. If you’ve never had one, it’s a little having having your head crammed between a vice while a circular saw blade furiously rotates across your vision and even a 30 Watt bulb seems to create a torturous light so bright even the sun couldn’t compete. Migraines can often be accompanied with nausea, vomiting, passing out, increased sensitity and other symptoms just to make sure you know you’re not just having a headache. To... Read More

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We met Lauren Mahon at Fearne Cotton’s Happy Place Festival in Chiswick last year (2019). She was on The Talks stage, sharing her experience of being told at the age of 31 she had breast cancer. Devastating news at any age, but Lauren was “thirty-bloody-one, far too young and full-of-fun to be dealing with this kind of crap, and secondly, how can I have breast cancer when she DOESN’T HAVE ANY B*STARD TITS?!?!” It was an aggressive 2.8cm ‘Grade 3’ cancerous lump. Desperate for some reassurance, she headed to CoppaFeel!.... Read More


TRIBE STORIES – Lee Jordan’s dental visit that changed the course of his life forever

As Lee puts it, dental operations are no ones idea of fun, but his trip to a military dentist is where his story starts. A temporary filling had been accidently left in a tooth and forgotten about for years. It began to decay and one day, after giving a career brief in a school to young adults, Lee collapsed. The tooth had come so badly infected he was left with a bacterial infection which affected an area dangerously close to his brain. That’s where Lee’s life changed Before this moment... Read More

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We, personally, can’t say for sure, but there’s scientific research that suggests so. To help what I’m about to say make a little more sense, ‘phytocannabinoids’ are produced by the plant and are present in CBD (cannabinoid) oil , ‘endocannabinoids’ are produced naturally by our own bodies, by the Endocannabinoid System. There are many phytocannabinoids like those you’ll see on the bottles of CBD, like, well CBD, CBDA, CBG, CBC, CBN etc.. and many endocannabinoids like our favourite ‘anandamide’. It’s our favourite for 2 reasons; ananda means bliss in the... Read More

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CURRY AND CANCER | Saima Thompson speaks with us about her diagnosis aged 29 and cultural challenges she faces

“Cancer. Not a word I thought I’d have to deal with at 29 years of age.” We talk with inspirational Tonic Tribe member Saima Thompson. She was diagnosed with stage four non small cell lung cancer in April  2018. She’d always been fit and healthy, active, ambitious and career-driven. And then she began experiencing upper back pain in March that year. So many of us suffer with back pain and Saima put it down to the usual reasons. “Within a couple of weeks, my upper chest was visibly swollen; this... Read More