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OH CRAMP! | Young women seeking natural remedies

HOW CAN CBD HELP YOUNG WOMEN? Where do we start? The most common issues young women experience are down to a hormone imbalance. These conditions can be acne, greasy skin, period cramps, mood swings, excessive spots and more. CBD has certainly proved itself in alleviating many of the symptoms of PMT and other issues related with the teenage years and beyond. Acne Last year we reported on how Laura had spent most of her young years battling with acne. You can watch the short film we made about her search... Read More


CANNABIS AND QUEENS | Women in history used cannabis for all sorts, even vaginal pessaries

FOLLOWING INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY WE CONTINUE TO CELEBRATE WOMEN THIS MONTH, RIGHT UP TO MOTHER’S DAY ON THE 31ST This week we look at notable women in history and how they used cannabis for women’s health Queen Victoria’s private doctor, Sir Russell Reynolds, would have been deemed a progressive GP these days, prescribing cannabis as a method of relieving medical conditions and ailments. But before cannabis was made illegal in 1928, it was commonly used for its medicinal properties. Victoria was reported to have suffered terribly from menstrual cramps for... Read More


TRAVELLING LIGHT | How CBD can ease the journey and the jet lag

I’VE JUST TRAVELLED TO THE USA AND HERE’S HOW CBD HELPED WITH THE JOURNEY   • SLEEP I certainly didn’t have problems getting into the new sleep pattern. Although CBD doesn’t make me sleep longer, it certainly makes me sleep deeper, providing a better quality of sleep which is vital when adjusting to new time zones. 2 pumps of the 4% at bedtime worked for me • ANXIETY I’m not one for getting anxious before travel, but I was traveling to USA for the first time with sleep deprivation and... Read More


GET INKED | We talk to tattoo artist Deedee on CBD and healing

Deedee is a tattoo artist, mother and all-round amazing being. She came to us in search of CBD oil to assist with a variety of needs, one being to regain pain-free joints in her hands and the associated symptoms of arthritis, the other to help in the healing of tattoos. The results were pretty impressive on both counts, and some… SO WHERE DO WE START? It’s natural to be nervous before going ‘under the needle’ and this is another reason CBD can help in your tattoo journey. It been documented... Read More


RUNNING ON CBD | Ultra-runner Louise Greenwood tests The Tonic

Exercise is good for us. Fact. But it does come with some side effects. Injuries. Soreness. Fatigue. It’s natural and expected for the body to sometimes respond to activity in a way which displays these symptoms. CBD can help in the recovery from exercise as well as performance. There are a 3 options for taking CBD that we would recommend; CBD oil, taken sublingually. This takes an hour or 2 to take effect and generally lasts around 8 hours. Try our 8% oil. CBD Water Soluble, which can be added... Read More


WHAT’S IN YOUR CBD OIL? Terpenes – they are the little soldiers assisting CBD and holding their own

You’ll probably have come across the word ‘terpenes’ when googling CBD or reading the labels. We certainly use it in our product descriptions. It’s a vital part of the CBD oil, but what is it? Terpenes (aka terpenoids) are found in resinous oils of plants and play a vital role in their survival. One of these roles is to secrete aromas, it’s why flowers smell beautiful, it’s why cannabis smells the way it does and how different strains can be identified. It’s why animals know not to eat a poisonous... Read More


THANK YOU, YES YOU | Did you know your Tonic purchase helps someone in need?

 I sometimes feel this is what it must be like to be GP. No one ever goes seeking CBD because they already feel great. Who does? Everyone that walks through our door, emails us, calls the phone, is need of some kind of respite, healing, help. The reasons vary far and wide, from the heart-rending tragic tales to someone just has an itchy bum (that’s usually baby Harley, not me or Michelle). We like to treat everyone’s requirements with the same professionalism, love and consideration as we can, so never... Read More


ANYONE SUFFERING WITH PAIN? | Our most inspiring tribe member tells her near-death story and managing pain

She’d hate me for saying this, but Ako is legendary. She managed to survive something no one should. This is a photo of Ako today. Seeing her now, you would never believe that Ako miraculously survived a 25 metre (82ft) fall, from which she is still recovering today. It happened almost 3 years ago. Ako, her husband Tim, son Noah (aged 2 1/2), and friends Tom and Jo were on a climbing trip in Mallorca, March 2016. It was their first day climbing and this was a warm up climb.... Read More


NEWS (HOT) FLASH | CBD and the menpause gives one tribe member a startling surprise

I know I know, it’s pretty much mine and Michelle’s answer to everything…”I’ve got a hurty finger” Take CBD. “I’m stressing out about Brexit”. Take CBD. “I think the apocolypse is nigh”. Take CBD. When it comes to the menopause, our customes will mirror this answer.  One of our tribe was seeking a natural remedy to assist the the sysmptoms of the menopause, specifically for relief from the night sweats and hot flashes. Based on our own experience and that of other customers, we advised the 8%. She popped in... Read More


NEW YEAR, NEW START | Can CBD help with those ‘new you’ goals?

“This is it. This time I’m going to stick at it. Those new trainers will definitely help me persevere in my attaining that out of reach goal I’ve set for myself. Self disappointment here we come…” It’s that time when many of us decide to set ourselves a challenge and choose a new year resolution which apparently, accordingly Forbes, only 8% of us actually achieve! Fair enough, working your way to running a marathon if you’ve only ever jogged to the loo is no mean feat. We do seem to... Read More